A Word on Custom Merchandise and School Spirit...

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Thank you for visiting the Middlesex online store for our new custom merchandise! We are so excited to partner with Vineyard Vines to bring you high-quality custom-made Middlesex apparel. 

When we placed our first order of ties, Shep Shirts, and totes this summer, we did not anticipate how popular these items would become! Over Parent's Weekend in October, we sold out of several items, but have recently restocked for the holidays.

For us, restocking means two things: 1) lots of big boxes in the Alumni office, and 2) getting to spread the Middlesex love on campus and beyond. Middlesex pride (in apparel form) has been all over campus in the last few weeks; in the brightly colored ties many Boys' soccer players donned before their last game, or in the Shep Shirts several girls in Kravis cozied up in to watch the presidential election unfold.

The MX love is not limited to current students! Orders have started to trickle in as alumni and past parents start to look for holiday gifts. Current parents and friends wearing MX apparel frequent the sidelines of sporting events, and we hope to see many a Shep Shirt and MX tote at St. George's this weekend!

Whether you're a student, parent, alum, or friend, we hope you take pride in sporting the Middlesex shield on your new custom apparel purchase. Happy shopping, and go zebras!!

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